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Ralph Thomas is the Public Safety Commissioner!

Ralph Thomas is the Public Safety Commissioner!

Protecting Public Safety requires wise decisions and proper funding, not empty promises and misleading campaign signs.  Let's take a look at who actually gets the job done.  

On September 21, 2015, Commissioner Thomas voted to change the allocation of the One Cent Sales Tax that increased revenue for Public Safety by $195,475 annually without placing any additional tax burden on Wakulla County Citizen.  This table shows the "before and after" revenue figures.


Commissioner Thomas voted for an increase to Public Safety funding.  His opponent voted against it!

Prior to 2015, the Public Safety portion of the One Cent Sales tax was only used to purchase ambulances and Sheriff vehicles.  It has never been used to purchase fire trucks.  Wakulla County Firefighters need a dedicated, predictable funding source for their operational expenses and their equipment expenses.  This re-allocation of the One Cent Sales tax provided additional revenue to Public Safety, which made it possible to use the One Cent Sales Tax to purchase fire trucks for the first time in Wakulla County history.  Shifting this expense out of the Fire MSBU fund and into the One Cent Sales Tax fund, freed up significant revenue in the Fire MSBU fund, making it easier to fund firefighter's salaries and operational expenses from the Fire MSBU fund.  

Commissioner Thomas voted for this re-allocation.  His opponent voted against it.  

The Public Safety re-allocation was recommended by a citizens advisory group who serve on the One Cent Sales Tax Committee, after holding public meetings and considering the needs of Wakulla County.

Commissioner Thomas agreed with the citizens and voted for the re-allocation.  His opponent voted against the citizen's recommendations.

You can see the proposed agenda item by clicking here.

You can see the adopted resolution by clicking here.  The resolution passed with a 4 to 1 vote.

Commissioner Thomas' opponent was the lone vote in opposition to increased funding of Public Safety!

You can watch the discussion that occured at the Board of County Commissioners meeting here.

Commissioner Thomas promised to not raise your taxes.  He promised to make wise decisions to spend your hard earned tax dollars efficiently while working within the budget currently available, just like you do with your personal budget.  Commissioner Thomas kept his promise and has never voted for a tax increase.  Instead, he voted for this re-allocation which provided an additional $195,475 annually, in revenue to Public Safety, without causing an additional burden on tax payers.  

Commissioner Thomas' opponent voted againt this wise re-allocation and instead, voted for a tax increase for the Fire MSBU, even though the cost of replacing fire trucks was shifted out of the Fire MSBU fund and into the One Cent Sales Tax fund.

Campaign rhetoric and misleading signs will not keep our County safe.  Wise decisions and proper funding will!  

The choice is clear!  On November 8, 2016, vote for Ralph Thomas.  He will keep our County safe!




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