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It is my Honor to Serve You~

It is my Honor to Serve You~

In addition to official Board meetings, Wakulla County Commissioners are required to serve on various Committees.  After being elected in 2012, my first official meeting was on December 3, 2012.  At that meeting, I agreed to serve on 8 additional committees even though I was a brand new Commissioner with a full time time private job.  My opponent, Commissioner Kessler, stated he wanted to serve on zero committees because he has other projects and would not be able to devote the time.  Click the photo below to hear this for yourself.  In spite of my busy schedule, I made the time, because these committees are important to our County.  Over the past 4 years, I have maintained this heavy work load.  Serving you is an honor.  I will continue to devote the time required of me, placing the needs of the county above my own personal needs.  You deserve a full time Commissioner who has the time to serve you!



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  1. Paul Beeman says:

    We need someone willing to serve, NOT someone who just gets all excited about their pet projects,this office is 100% about the counties business PERIOD 

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