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United Nations and Agenda 21 in Wakulla?

United Nations and Agenda 21 in Wakulla?

Updated on July 22, 2016

Last night, at the candidate forum hosted by the Wakulla VFW, a citizen asked my opponent about his plan to align Wakulla Springs with the United Nations.  Dr. Kessler denied any knowledge of such plan and claimed that it never happened.  After I refreshed his memory, he stated it was not his fault, he was only doing what citizens asked him to do.  He then stated that he would do it again.  WCTV interviewed Dr. Kessler, confirming that his plan did in fact happen.  To see the interview, click here.  

The information below was originally posted on October 8, 2013

At the County Commission Meeting tonight, Commissioner Kessler proposed the following:

Request Board Approval of a Resolution Supporting the Nomination of Wakulla Springs State Park as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention of Wetlands

At first reading, I assumed this would be a non-controversial item, after all, we all love Wakulla Springs and understand its imprtance.

As I always do, I started to dig beyond the presented item to make sure that I understood what I would be voting on.  I was not familiar with the Ramsar Convention of Wetlands, so that was the obvious place to start.  I first learned on Wikipedia that it was an international treaty, signed in Iran, in 1971.  That surprised me, but didn't give me any reason for concern. 

I then made my way to I learned they currently have 168 contracting parties, 2,161 sites designated for the List of Wetlands of International Importance, and 205,681,158 hectares of total surface area of designated sites, half a billion acres of land.  At this point, I thought, this might be a good organization for Wakulla Springs to be associated with.

As I continued to learn about this organization, I came across this document on the Ramsar website.   

Agenda 21 and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

After finding this document, I became very concerned.  Even though I was not familiar with the Ramsar Convention of Wetlands, I am very familiar with Agenda 21.  I knew that it was a United Nations plan to control the development of property across the globe, in the name of sustainable development and environmental preservation.  I knew that its mission seemed noble, but it's agenda was anything but noble.  I knew their real agenda was to eliminate private property rights in the name of "progress" and the "greater good" of the community.  What really surprised me was how open Ramsar was about their support for Agenda 21.  It has been my experience that most organizations who appeared to support Agenda 21, would never admit it, even when their actions resembled the Agenda 21 mission.  Now, I have stumbled across an organization that fully embraces the Agenda 21 mission and even states, that they recognize, "that the Ramsar Convention, and in particular its List of Wetlands of International Importance, is a useful instrument for pursuing a refreshed and refocused Agenda 21".  I really couldn't believe what I was reading.  I really couldn't believe that a Wakulla County Commissioner would suggest that we invite this Socialist Organization into our county.  I was extremely disappointed!

Instead of giving you my interpretation of Agenda 21, I invite you to click the links below and take a look for yourself.  After you have done that, please leave me a comment and let me know how you feel about Agenda 21 and how you feel about a Wakulla County Commissioner trying to bring this to our home.

Youtube Agenda 21

Google Agenda 21


13 Responses to “United Nations and Agenda 21 in Wakulla?”

  1. Boris says:

    Agenda 21 is an assault on American Constitution and the Bill of Rights by using seductive call for “greater good”, which reminds me slogans of Communism along the road to Hell.

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for looking into this and opposing it Ralph. And based on his record, I’m not surprised commisioner Kesler would be in favor of this

  3. Elizabeth Moulton says:

    I’m almost never surprised at anything Commissioner Kessler proposes and I almost never agree with him. I do not reside in Wakulla County at this time but I have in the past. I continue to have ties there. This is absurd! The citizens of Wakulla County need to speak out before this goes any further.

  4. Katherine says:

    This does not sound like something we need or want.

  5. Brenda Pelt McCarthy says:

    I do not trust Commissioner Kessler and his followers with anything to do with my property rights. I agree with a poster that this reeks of communism. Anything that starts out for the greater good means the individual rights of people are in jeopardy!

  6. Robert Roddenberry says:

    Ralph you know how I feel about Agenda 21 and the Commissioner who attempted to slip this in. I urge everyone to seriously question the “Crawfordville Town Plan”. It would be interesting to know what conferences the former Commissioner attended to form her opinion for this “Agenda 21” project.

  7. Wakulla Citizen says:

    Let's keep Wakulla Springs safe and give Kessler To Agenda 21, since he seems to support it.

  8. Billy says:

    I care for Howard Kessler about as much as I care for the U.N.,,,NONE. In my opinion,they are like rust,once it starts it will only spread..

  9. Barbara says:

    People need to understand that ANYTHING to do with the UN has serious implications.
    Commissioner Kessler needs to realize that he does NOT have that level of authority to be making such decisions when it pertains to Wakulla County. He is only a commissioner; he is not the property owner of Wakulla Springs, land or water. 
    Many people have tried to get their dirty hands on Wakulla Springs and failed. Wakulla County citizens need to remain vigilant on this front…especially when a greedy commissioner wants to partner with the UN.
    People need to realize the UN has not benefited US citizens but citizens of other countries of the world. What happens in Wakulla County should stay under Wakulla County and the state of Florida jurisdiction not the UN.

  10. David E. Clark says:

    Ralph, I was there, and heard the exchange. It seemed like Mr Kessler was trying to distance himself from the issue until you spoke up. Thank you for your input, it was extremely important that this didn't slip under the radar. As much as we need to protect the springs wetlands, we need to protect all of Wakulla county from any of that socialist front organization. I'm not a conspiracy nut, but the UN is NOT a friend to the US, just a little research is enough to prove this!!

  11. C butlet says:

    Globalism in Wakulla Co. Who would of thought!!! It's time to wake up Americans and begin to pay attention to more than your maters or your backyard. The thieves are here and they will take whatever they want!!!!

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