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Buffer Zone or Twilight Zone?

Buffer Zone or Twilight Zone?

For more than a year now, the Wakulla Wetlands Alliance has been trying to convince voters to impose a new layer of government upon themselves. I know, I wouldn't believe it either if I had not seen it unfold myself.

They have tried to convince the good people of Wakulla County that we need an ordinance that establishes a 75 foot buffer around wetlands. They have told us this will protect Wakulla Springs. They have told us this will improve our water quality. They have told us this will reduce the nitrogen that goes into the aquifer and makes its way to Wakulla Springs. We all want to protect our water quality. This sounds like a pretty good idea and sounds believable, right? Let's take a closer look.

It is now common knowledge that the largest contributor of nitrogen into Wakulla Springs comes from the Tallahassee spray field. It turns out, the spray field is more than 75 feet from Wakulla Springs. It's actually more like 20 miles from Wakulla Springs. We could consider that a 20 mile buffer zone, yet, nitrogen still ends up in Wakulla Springs. If a 20 mile buffer zone fails to protect our water quality, how will the proposed 75 foot buffer make a difference? The truth is, it will not make a difference, especially considering the fact that the proposed ordinance does not regulate the allowable location of septic tanks. If the proposed wetlands ordinance is adopted, you will be able to install a septic tank in the exact same spot as you would with no wetlands ordinance. It's important that we understand, the proposed ordinance has nothing to do with water quality. The proposed ordinance is about control.

When you cast your vote, you will make a choice. Who should control your property, you, or a small group who use deception and fear to control growth and eliminate private property rights? It's up to you. Will you vote to protect property rights? Will you encourage your friends and neighbors to show up at the polls to protect property rights? I hope you will and I hope you will vote No on Referendum A

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