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King of Wakulla

King of Wakulla

What would you say, if someone proposed changing the Government structure in Wakulla County to give one Commissioner the power to control the other 4?  Would you vote for that?  Which one of your current Commissioners would you want to have this ultimate power?

Would you believe it, if I told you we have a group of people in Wakulla County who want you to vote for this?  The Wakulla Wetlands Alliance wants you to vote to adopt a wetlands ordinance in November.  This proposed ordinance includes the following statement, “these regulations can only be modified or repealed by referendum vote or unanimous vote of the County Commission”.

So imagine this.  If the new ordinance is adopted and we later realize that it needs to be amended, all 5 Commissioners will have to agree to change it.  At first that doesn’t sound too bad.  If all 5 Commissioners agree, chances are the change is truly needed right?  What happens if a change is truly needed, but one Commissioner doesn’t agree with the other 4?  In that situation, we no longer have majority rule or consensus rule.  We will then have a situation where one Commissioner has the power to control the entire board.  If the lone Commissioner refuses to reach consensus with the others, a referendum will be required to take the issue back to the voters.

Even if you support the wetlands ordinance, do you think it is a good idea to give one Commissioner, power over the other 4?  This will be equivalent to a Presidential Veto, with one major exception.  If the President of the United States vetoes a decision made by congress, congress can override the veto with a two thirds vote.  No member of the United States Congress has the power to veto the entire governing body.  No member of the State Legislature has the power to veto the entire governing body.  Our Government is built on a system of checks and balances, not supreme power by a single individual.  Why would we give this power to a single Commissioner?  I don’t want it!  I don’t want my fellow Commissioners to have it and I don’t want future Commissioners to have it.

This risk does not exist today.  A yes vote on Referendum A will create this situation in Wakulla County.  A NO vote on Referendum A will eliminate this threat.

You now know the truth. Your friends and family deserve to know the truth also. Please share this with everyone you know.


2 Responses to “King of Wakulla”

  1. Jo Ann says:

    Ralph, I don’t want any one of you having such power over anyone one issue. First this issue, then what’s next if the WWA ilk becomes more greedy, they may figure out another way to blindside the voters for absolute power on another issue.

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