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Entire Wetlands Ordinance

Entire Wetlands Ordinance

It seems that everyone has an opinion about the new wetlands ordinance that will appear on the ballot in November.  I certainly do!  If you are a Wakulla County voter, your opinion, and the opinion of your neighbors will determine the fate of the ordinance and the future of our county.  I have attempted to do my best to breakdown this issue and share many of the key components of the proposal.  Several people have asked me how they can get a copy of the entire ordinance.  The proposed ordinance is almost identical to the prior ordinance with the addition of the following language:

Sec. 32.016. Ordinance Modification or Repeal. This chapter may only be modified or repealed by a referendum of the voters in Wakulla County, as provided for in the Wakulla County Charter, or by a unanimous vote of all five Wakulla County Commissioners at a legally called Wakulla County Commission meeting.

To View the entire proposed ordinance CLICK HERE!

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