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Would you vote to adopt a local Wetlands Ordinance that contained the following statement?

“In the event that the planning department issues a wetlands and other surface waters preliminary letter which includes an incorrect determination, the county shall not be bound by this determination if additional information received subsequent to the date of the letter reveals that wetlands or other surface waters are likely to exist.”

Do you think it is acceptable to proclaim by ordinance, “The county shall not be bound” after the county makes a mistake and issues an incorrect determination?

What if this property belonged to you or your family and you built your home exactly as the county told you to, and then you learned they made a mistake.

Guess who will become bound if the county is not allowed to be bound?

FYI, the statement above is in the proposed ordinance the Wakulla Wetlands Alliance wants you to adopt in November, Sec. 32.006 (b) (4).

This risk has already been eliminated.  A yes vote will bring it back.  If it comes back, it can only be changed by a unanimous vote of all County Commissions or by referendum of Wakulla County Voters. 

A NO vote on Referendum A will eliminate this threat.

You now know the truth. Your friends and family deserve to know the truth also. Please share with everyone you know, by Facebook, email, and personal conversations. Also leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Vote NO2


2 Responses to “WHO’S BINDING WHOM?”

  1. Ron Piasecki says:

    As a Shell Point Marsh Maxist I strongly support voting YES on Amendment A.

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