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Do you think it’s acceptable for your neighbors or the Government to tell you that you are forbidden to mow your yard and maintain your landscaping?

Will you vote to take away your neighbors ability to landscape and maintain his yard?

Do you want that much Government control over private property?

The Wakulla Wetlands Alliance wants you to control your neighbor’s property.  (If your neighbor is not free to control his own property, are you free to control yours?)

In November, they are hoping that you vote to impose this control over your neighbors.  Their proposed ordinance includes the following statement:

“…the following uses shall be permitted provided they do not have an adverse impact on the wetland or other surface water or the buffer.
…Buffer Zone Two:
a. Landscaping and yard maintenance activities within an area not to exceed 25 feet in the front, 15 feet in the back, and eight feet on either side of the principal building located on such property and in a manner consistent with the design standards set forth in section 32.010 of this chapter.”

So, what does this mean?  Simply stated…

In the wetlands – No maintenance or landscaping is permitted!

Within Buffer Zone One (35 feet outside of the wetlands) – No maintenance or landscaping is permitted!  That means no mowing, no planting, no weed control, nothing can be done in that area, even though it is outside of the wetlands area.

Within Buffer Zone Two (Between 35 feet and 75 feet outside of the wetlands) – Maintenance is allowed 25 feet in front of the home, 15 feet in the back of the home, and eight feet on either side.  Grab your tape measure and measure how much lawn you are maintaining around your home.  How would you like it if you were limited to eight feet?  Don’t forget, we are talking about 75 feet outside of the wetlands, not within the wetlands.  Also, refer back to the proposed language in blue above.  Notice the use of the words “principal building”?  Don’t miss this point.  Within 75 feet of wetlands, no maintenance is allowed around any building that is not the principal building.  If you have a shed, barn, or detached garage, how would you like it if you were forbidden to mow around it?

This risk I described above has already been eliminated.  A yes vote will bring it back.  If it comes back, it can only be changed by a unanimous vote of all County Commissions or by referendum of Wakulla County Voters. 

A NO vote on Referendum A will eliminate this threat.

You now know the truth. Your friends and family deserve to know the truth also. Please share with everyone you know, by Facebook, email, and personal conversations. Also leave a comment below and share your thoughts.


2 Responses to “MOW NO MO?”

  1. Susan says:

    I will definitely be voting NO!!!!! Since we had our expensive (for me) issue with the County regarding our property, we are scared to do anything to maintain the property. My Mom and Dad always took such pride in their land. They worked really hard to keep it looking clean and beautiful. But it appears, even though we pay land taxes faithfully each year, we have no control over OUR property. Not sure if you can do this, but if you can tell me who is running for office that supports the YES, I will not be voting for them.

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