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Wakulla Wetlands Ordinance Repealed!

Wakulla Wetlands Ordinance Repealed!

 On July 14, 2014, I voted with 3 of 4 of my fellow Commissioners to repeal the Wakulla Wetlands Ordinance. With our vote, we restored fairness, restored property rights and eliminated the risk of lawsuits for our tax payers. In November, the Wakulla Wetlands Alliance will ask you to vote to bring the ordinance back, to return to a double standard that divides the “haves” from the “have nots”. The Wakulla Wetlands Alliance wants you to vote to give government control over private property. They want you to vote to bring back the risk of lawsuits to tax payers. They want to eliminate your property rights. They do not want you to have what they have. Watch this video to see the the discussion at the Board Meeting.  Vote NO in NOvember!


2 Responses to “Wakulla Wetlands Ordinance Repealed!”

  1. Kathleen Lamarche says:

    Thank you Commissioners for using common sense and repealing this unnecessary and ill conceived ordinance.

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