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Lawsuit Risk Eliminated!

Lawsuit Risk Eliminated!

Commission repeals wetlands ordinance

Wakulla County to adhere to state standard protections, citizens will vote on reinstatement at Nov. 4 referendum

3 Responses to “Lawsuit Risk Eliminated!”

  1. Susan says:

    My Mother and I have recently had to deal with the wetlands vs property owner issue to the tune of $8,642.06 (once everything is done). Needless to say we are not happy campers. Going forward I will discourage everyone I can from becoming property owners in Wakulla County and will not vote for anyone that steps on the rights of property owners.

    • ralph says:

      Hi Susan, I would be interested in learning more about your issue. You can reach me by phone at 850-597-3858. I agree with your stand against people who trample on property rights. I am committed to keeping the government out of our private lives.

      • Susan says:

        Hi Ralph. I would be interested in speaking with you as well. I have been working on a project deadline which should be completed this week. I should be able to give you a call next week. Thank you for your interest. Susan

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