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Stand Up for Tallahassee Community College and the Wakulla Environmental Institute!

Stand Up for Tallahassee Community College and the Wakulla Environmental Institute!

The No Growth/No Progress crowd is mobilizing once again in an attempt to kill everything that creates new jobs and improves the quality of life in Wakulla County. We have seen them in action for years, trying to control their neighbors and terrorizing everyone they do not agree with. For years, they have claimed to be environmentalist and used that as the basis to oppose all progress in Wakulla County. Now, they are opposed to a clean and green initiative proposed by the Wakulla Environmental Institute. The truth is finally emerging. They are opposed to all growth and all progress. For them, it’s not really about the environment. It’s about control! They kill jobs and discourage businesses from moving into Wakulla County. If we allow them to kill this clean/green, environmentally responsible project, that message will discourage other businesses from expanding into our county. Enough is enough! Stand up tonight in support of this project!

June 17, 2014
7PM – 9PM
Live Oak Room
Woodville Community Center
8000 Old Woodville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32305


2 Responses to “Stand Up for Tallahassee Community College and the Wakulla Environmental Institute!”

  1. Gloria Perryman says:

    Well, I guess I misread the initial posting about this initiative because I was against it too, but only because Cherokee is part of the Wakulla River Basin and the Springs have become so polluted that the glass bottom boats have not been in operation for awhile.
    If there is an installation for an RV site, how will the waste be managed? Will there be septic hookups, or must they be self-contained and empty their tanks somewhere else?

    • ralph says:

      All camp sites will be on county sewer. Public restrooms will be added, also on county sewer. Currently, some of the buildings at Wakulla Springs are still using septic tanks. This proposal will eliminate that and all buildings will be on county sewer. This proposal will decrease the contamination into the springs. TCC will cover the cost, not the State Park System.

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