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Go Navy Junior ROTC!

Go Navy Junior ROTC!

As a Navy Veteran, I understand and appreciate the importance of teamwork and service to our community and to our country.  We are fortunate in Wakulla County to have a Navy JROTC program.  We are blessed to have leaders who model real leadership to our youth and instill a sense of pride in them and a desire to make their community and their world a better place.  These students have chosen the “path less traveled”.  It doesn’t take long to figure out, that path requires more effort.  It requires dedication, and it requires teamwork.  We probably do not praise their efforts enough even though we constantly see them quietly serving our community.  I know they do not serve for praise or attention but I also know everyone appreciates hearing, job well done!  On Monday night, the Board of County Commissioners had the honor in participating in a presentation from Keep Wakulla County Beautiful to the Wakulla High School Navy JROTC students.  When you see these young leaders in our community, I hope you will join me in saying thank you and job well done! 


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