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I Will!

I Will!

Yesterday, I was at the VA Clinic in Tallahassee.  I had a conversation with a staff member who appeared to be overflowing with pride and patriotism.  He shared with me a story about Mr. Wilbur Jones.  It turns out the Clinic had just performed a ceremony for Mr. Jones, honoring him has their oldest patient at 102 years old.  As I made my way through the facility, I took the time to notice my fellow veterans a little closer.  I saw many who were much older than me and a few who were much younger than me.  I couldn’t help but realize the diversity that we all represented.  There were men and women of every age and color.  Some appeared to be completely healthy while others appeared to be bearing the burden of failing health that descends upon us all.  Our clothing was different, our accents were different and even our personalities were noticeably different.  Were it not for the knowledge that I was in a VA clinic, there would be little way for me to tell that I was among some of the finest, most selfless individuals in our community.  I couldn’t help but imagine all the stories that could be shared if only I had the time to get to know each and every one.  As I considered the diversity represented, I wondered what was the common bond that drew such a group of individuals together, in spite of extreme age and cultural differences.   Imagine how different the world was for those coming of age before World War II, compared to those who are military age today.  I came to this conclusion.  Throughout the history of our great nation, a question has persisted…  Who will stand up and fight for freedom?  At some point in the past 102 years, each person in that building with me yesterday simply said, “I Will”.  I realized, that was the common bond that united each of us.  You see, we don’t have to be the same.  We don’t have to share the same desires or the same politics, but we all deserve to be free.  I’m thankful for the peace that I have knowing there will always be those strong enough to answer, “I Will”, to the call of duty and the cause of Freedom.  I salute each of my fellow Brothers and Sisters who have stood the watch!

To check out the story about Mr. Wilbur Jones, click here.


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