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You Have the Right to Vote to Protect Property Rights!

The Wakulla Wetlands Alliance has Met the Signature Requirement!

Citizens Can Now Vote to Protect Their Property Rights in November.

As many of you know the Wakulla Wetlands Alliance has successfully collected the required number of signatures for citizens to have the opportunity to vote for local property rights protections this November.

A No Vote is a vote for:

  1. Less government regulations
  2. Decreased financial risk to Wakulla tax payers
  3. Restored Property Rights
  4. Restored Individual Freedom

A yes Vote is a vote for:

  1. More government regulations
  2. Increase financial risk to Wakulla tax payers
  3. A loss of property rights
  4. A loss of the individual freedom that is guaranteed by the United States Constitution 
I am sure you will find this short article from the Tallahassee Democrat interesting, especially comments from those who are opposed to freedom and want the government to take away your rights.

Here’s a link to the Tallahassee Democrat‘s story –

3 Responses to “You Have the Right to Vote to Protect Property Rights!”

  1. Joe abal says:

    I vote no,no,no. Where does the fee on my Verizon phone earmarked for Wakulla County go to. It’s a tax. Why do I pay it.

  2. Joe abal says:

    I vote no no no hell no.

  3. Lona Matherne says:

    I definitely vote NO, NO, NO! The whole story has not been told. Citizens rights will be taken away. A NO vote restores rights to the citizens.

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