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The Truth They Were Hoping Wouldn’t Come Out!

The Truth They Were Hoping Wouldn’t Come Out!

At the Board of County Commissioners meeting last night, I pointed out that property owners simply want to use their land just like members of the Wakulla Wetlands Alliance are able to do.  I compared properties of a few of our citizens to properties of members of the Wakulla Wetlands Alliance to point out what I believe is blatant hypocrisy.  The Wakulla Wetlands Alliance is pushing a petition to convince people they have the right to vote to ultimately place restrictions on the private property of other citizens.  They say they are doing this because the wetlands are important and should be protected from development.  Take a look at the photos below and decide for yourself if these folks are truly concerned about development in or near wetlands.  Note, I was very careful to point out that I was not accusing any of the Wakulla Wetlands Alliance members of any wrong doing.  These photos are presented under the assumption that everything was properly permitted or properly exempt.  My intent was to point out that they were able to utilize their private property in a manner they desired.  I am simply asking that everyone have the same ability to use their property, as they wish, just like the members of the Wakulla Wetlands Alliance.

Decide for yourself!

Both of these properties are located in Spring Creek.  Mr. Linder has been told that he can not build a home on his property.  The proposed home will not be built in the wetlands.  In an attempt to comply with the current wetlands ordinance, he is proposing a home with a very small footprint.  The bottom floor will only be 700 square feet and will be on pilings.  Even with this modest footprint, and proposed construction that will not be in the wetlands, the Wakulla Wetlands ordinance forbids him from using his property.

Mr. Hennessey enjoys a beautiful home built across the creek from Mr. Linder's property.  I am not a wetlands expert and I am not qualified to perform wetlands delineation, but with my layman's ability, when I use the measure feature on the property appraiser's website, it appears to me that Mr. Hennessey's home is built less 75 feet from the apparent wetlands.  We keep hearing from these folks that a larger buffer is obviously better to ensure adequate protection of the wetlands.  I think we can all agree, that statement is true, but this photo make me wonder why Mr. Hennessey didn't build his home with a larger buffer.  Also notice, Mr. Hennessey has a boardwalk that is more than 480 feet long built in the wetlands.  Again, I'm assuming it was properly permitted.  The point is, Mr. Hennessey was allowed to build on his property.



These are both Shell Point properties.  Mr. Bayevsky simply wants to use his property like Mrs. Damon.



Mr. Wesolowski has been told that he can't build on his property because he has a pond.  Commissioner Kessler also has a pond.



Again, no accusation of wrong doing, just illustrates the point that the people who are trying to stop building near wetlands, were able build on their land when they wanted to.






Notice the beach erosion in 2007 and compare it to 2013.



Notice the size of the buildings in 2007 and compare to 2013.



For those folks who accuse Wakulla Commissioners from benefitting financially from development in the wetlands, this property is currently for sale by Wakulla Wetlands Alliance member and County Commissioner Kessler.


6 Responses to “The Truth They Were Hoping Wouldn’t Come Out!”

  1. Political Peril says:

    Looks to me like the members of the Alliance are crooks and liars. Why would anyone want to sign their petition? Someone should turn them into the state and the county. Then they should go out and look at their property and either fine them or make them tear down what they have done.

  2. Boris says:

    Bravo Ralph! You said it all. I just want to quote two famous men, who simply defined the basics of the two absolutely opposite and competing societies: Capitalism and Communism (failed, but, as I see, rises its head again).

    “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God … anarchy and tyranny commence. PROPERTY MUST BE SECURED OR LIBERTY CANNOT EXIST”
    John Adams

    “The theory of the Communism may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”
    KARL MARX, The Communist Manifesto

    The Wakulla County Commissioners want to restore the 100% Property Rights to the Property Owners. The Alliance is pushing to keep restrictive Wetlands Ordinance, so the Property Owners (other than the members of the Alliance) can not enjoy their Constitutional Rights.

    Now, make a judgement Who is Who?

  3. delacy peavy says:

    great job !!

  4. Jeff says:

    Extraordinarily pithy and to the point. Pictures don’t lie. People do.

    Great data and great talking points as the hypocritical Marxists are exposed for the frauds they are.

    Great leadership, Mr. Thomas.

  5. William C. Dickman says:

    Great job letting everyone know the truth!!! William C. Dickman

  6. M Ivester says:

    Now we must disband the Wetlands Alliance and tear down the long-standing, money- and power-hungry powerhouse that is Wakulla County’s government, from the commissioners, to WCSO, to the wetlands alliance. The only way to keep things like this is to DISALLOW AN IMBALANCE OF POWER, by having a small government in our small county. I live at the VERY end of Mashes Sands road in Ochlockonnee Bay. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. there is a pair of people “from the county” collecting anywhere from $1-$4 per car [I HAVE BEEN CHARGED ON A BICYCLE, MERELY YARDS FROM MY HOME] to go to the beach down there. They say it’s to take care of the wetlands, to park your car, or for development of the beach. Nothing of which takes place. They have been doing this for years and I have yet to see ANY litter control, any sort of aid to the wetlands here, which are continually deteriorating, and just as many people wondering why we have to pay to park or why there aren’t pavilions, grilling areas, picnic tables, etc., or why the road still just drops off into the water.
    Nobody comes down and picks up the beach. I do. I have DELIBERATELY left garbage in piles along the beach to see if they were ever moved. In THREE WEEKS, the piles were just scattered and sat around. This is disgusting. And on top of that, the Wetlands Association comes to my house and tells me I can’t fish from my seawall on my canal because “it’s part of the wetlands”. It’s about time we vote out this irrational behaviour, because I’m sure those few dollars per car just line Charlie Creel’s and Howard Kessler’s pockets.

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