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Is it just me?  Do you find Mr. Hennessey's position hypocritical? 

He doesn't want you, or anyone else, to build near the wetlands.

He built his house near the wetlands.

He thinks a larger buffer zone would obviously provides greater protection to wetlands.

He didn't build his house with the maximum buffer zone that his property would allow. 

He doesn't want you to impact his oysters.

He built a doc that is more than 480 feet long across those oyster beds.

He is the treasurer of the Wakulla Wetlands Alliance.

He is not a new comer to the scene of the wetlands battle.  He was involved in a previous Wakulla Wetlands lawsuit, that was settled by our insurance company for $200,000.

He gets to unwind at the end of day with an unspoiled view of the gulf with the warm salty breeze blowing through his golden wispy locks of hair. 

He says you should have the right to vote. 

He wants you to vote to make sure no one else can have what he has.

Will you sign his petition?

Will you let him take away your freedom, for his enjoyment?



One Response to “Hypocrite?”

  1. Political Peril says:

    Who permitted this dock through the wetlands? Do you smell a rat? Another Wakulla Wetlands Alliance member who has used the wetlands to his advantage. Where is the 75 foot buffer they are all screaming about? That dock is in the middle of the wetlands! Hypocrite does not even begin to describe James Hennessey!

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