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Is Debt the Solution

Is Debt the Solution

So, the Federal Government is threatening to shut down if the debt ceiling is not raised.  What if you and I refused to go to work until our bank extend us a line of credit and our credit card companies raised our credit limit?  Isn’t it obvious that when we borrow more, we have to pay back more?  Are you ok with bearing a larger tax burden?  Do you find it offensive when members of Congress behave this way?


2 Responses to “Is Debt the Solution”

  1. Diane Wilson says:

    I do find it offensive that they are taking away funds from the food stamp program. Heartless politicians following the ALEC policies. Give tax breaks to big corporations with one hand and starve the neediest of our brothers and sisters with the other. Not very Christian, imo.

    • ralph says:

      Ms. Wilson,

      I believe our Churches and families are obligated to care for those in need. If we all did a better job of doing so, I believe we could wipe out the need for the Government to assume this role. It seems to me that many people will not sacrifice their own money, time, home etc., even to assist their own family members, when they believe the Government will assume the role. You have raised a very complicated issue that can not be easily solved, but I believe a good start would include making sure that the program is used when needed, but not abused by those who can care for themselves or lean on their family members until they can get back on their feet. Jobs are a factor that play into the equation. American’s appetite to purchase foreign made products erode employment opportunities. I think the solution requires us to get back to personal responsibility along with a genuine love for our neighbor that is greater than ourselves.

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